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- mobile browser add-ons -

Bookmarklets are little pieces of
Javascript code that can be saved as
ordinary bookmarks in your web browser.
They enhance your browsing experience
by giving you super-instant access to
useful tools and special functionality.


1: Tap the function below
which you want to add:

Find in page

Find in page 2
(prompts for which instance to skip to)
modified by: OnlyJedi

Find next
(works with "Find in page 2")
modified by: OnlyJedi

Find prev
(works with "Find in page 2")
modified by: OnlyJedi

Find similar sites
(google.com version)

Find similar sites
(similicio.us version)

Display all images

List all links

Scroll to end

Translate to English

Translate to Finnish

Translate to Swedish

Translate to Danish

Translate to Norwegian

Translate to German

Translate to French

Translate to Dutch

Translate to Russian

Translate to Japanese

Open links in new window

Open links in same window

Duplicate Page

Mobilize Page

Change font size
(doesn't work for every page)

View page source

Basic Black & White
(convert page to be more readable)

Dual View
(open two pages in one tab)

Also recommended:




Tip: You can add icons inside the
Bookmarks with the Emoji keyboard